The WA Science Policy Network engages student leaders in science policy in envisioning policies regarding both how science shapes public policy and how public policy shapes our research environments and the science we produce. Workplace equity is at the nexus of these concerns & climate survey data allows us to use data to change policies to improve our working environments.

In its 2018 report on sexual harassment in higher education, NASEM writes, “Creating a climate that prevents sexual harassment requires first having a clear understanding of the existing climate and tracking it over time”. In that pursuit, as NASEM and many others suggest, climate surveys can be a key tool for understanding specific patterns of harassment, reporting, and other dynamics of inequity in academic fields. Most fundamentally, developing this kind of clear assessment of climate issues is key for developing smart strategies to address harassment’s root causes effectively and sustainably.

Take this survey to help WASPN leaders at WSU to gather information about campus climate.